Military Honor license plates advanced

Current and former military personnel could purchase specialty license plates under a bill advanced from general file April 2.

As introduced by Fremont Sen. Charlie Janssen, LB383 would have created the Armed Forces Pride license plate. To be eligible, applicants would furnish proof of active duty service, reservist status or veteran status.

The fee for alphanumeric plates would be $5, which could be waived on one set of plates and would be credited to the Veteran Cemetery System Operation Fund. Personalized plates would cost $45, with 75 percent credited to the cemetery fund and 25 percent credited to the state Department of Motor Vehicles Cash Fund. Lost, stolen or mutilated plates would be replaced upon request without charge and would be transferable.

A Transportation and Communications Committee amendment, adopted 41-0, changed the name to Military Honor license plates and reduced the price of the personalized plates to $40. Individuals receiving Prisoner of War and Purple Heart plates would be exempted from the $5 fee. Current and former service members receiving the special plates would be required to register with the state Department of Veteran Affairs.

An amendment to the committee amendment, brought by Janssen and adopted 38-0, changed the operative date to January 2016 and clarified that fees for the special plates would be in addition to standard motor vehicle registrations fees.

Janssen said he brought the bill to recognize Nebraska’s 15,000 current and nearly 150,000 former members of the military for their service to the country.

After approving a technical amendment offered by Fullerton Sen. Annette Dubas on a 39-0 vote, senators advanced the bill to select file 41-0.

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