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Pacific conflict stress test requirements, Asian American commission created

A bill meant to prepare supply chains and critical infrastructure for the risk of a possible Pacific conflict was given final approval April 11.

Sen. Eliot Bostar
Sen. Eliot Bostar

LB1300, sponsored by Lincoln Sen. Eliot Bostar, requires an assessment of all risks to state or national security, economic security or public health in the event of a conflict involving China or other countries in the area of the Pacific Ocean and the U.S. or its allies.

The governor will be required to publish the nonconfidential aspects of the state risk assessment annually. Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information would be a Class III misdemeanor.

In addition, LB1300 creates the Committee on Pacific Conflict and outlines membership and expectations, including production of the annual threat report. The measure also prohibits companies from designated countries from bidding on certain state or local procurement contracts.

The measure contains provisions of Bellevue Sen. Rita Sanders’ LB2, which create a state Commission on Asian American Affairs. The commission will consist of 14 individuals of Asian ancestry appointed by the governor and will be tasked with enhancing the cause of Asian American rights and developing solutions to problems common to all Asian American residents of Nebraska.

LB1300 also includes provisions of five additional proposals.

Provisions of LB869, introduced by Bostar, expand the mission of county veterans service committees to encompass aid to all veterans, regardless of whether their term of service was during wartime. The provisions also clarify that a person who served on active duty for training in the Nebraska National Guard is eligible to receive assistance from county veterans service committees.

LB887, sponsored by Gordon Sen. Tom Brewer, creates the Nebraska Nonprofit Security Grant Program to be administered by the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency. The proposal outlines a list of authorized uses for grant funds, which NEMA will begin providing Jan. 1, 2025. Individual recipient organizations will have an annual grant cap of $100,000 and total annual grant awards are capped at $500,000.

Provisions of LB1358, introduced by Omaha Sen. Mike McDonnell, prohibit metropolitan and primary class city council members from increasing their salaries, or the mayor’s salary, in excess of inflation as calculated by the Consumer Price Index plus 1% without a public hearing, a two-thirds vote of the council and voter approval. Salaries may be raised no more than once every two fiscal years.

The measure also sets maximum salary levels for directors of public power districts and salary limitations for metropolitan utilites districts and counties.

Finally, LB1300 includes provisions of LB1048, introduced by Bostar, which require certain chemical facilities in Nebraska to participate in a federal program relating to cybersecurity and infrastructure security and LB1243, sponsored by McDonnell, which create the Wildland Incident Response Assistance Team within the office of the state fire marshal.

The bill passed on a 46-0 vote and takes effect immediately.

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