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County bridge working group created

A new working group will award state matching funds to repair and replace county bridges under a bill passed by lawmakers April 11.

Sen. Bruce Bostelman
Sen. Bruce Bostelman

The County Bridge Match Program, created by the Legislature in 2016 and administered by the state Department of Transportation, provides state funding to accelerate the repair and replacement of deficient bridges on the county road system.

LB1030, introduced by Brainard Sen. Bruce Bostelman, creates the County Bridge Match Working Group, which will develop criteria for program participation, as well as for county matching fund requirements. The group also will score applications and award funds.

The governor will appoint two of the group’s members from a list of county highway superintendents, county surveyors or county engineers submitted by a statewide association representing county officials. The department director will select three department members to serve on the group.

LB1030 requires the state treasurer to make two $4 million transfers, one this year and another in 2025, from the Road Operations Cash Fund to the Transportation Infrastructure Bank Fund to be used for the County Bridge Match Program.

The bill passed on a vote of 47-0 and takes effect immediately.

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