Recognition of tribal involuntary commitment orders approved

Lawmakers passed a proposal April 11 meant to facilitate cooperation between tribal, state and local authorities regarding involuntary commitment of tribal members.

Sen. Jane Raybould
Sen. Jane Raybould

LB1288, sponsored by Lincoln Sen. Jane Raybould, requires state and local authorities to recognize tribal hold orders, commitment orders and emergency protective custody orders issued for tribal residents of Indian country, as defined by federal law, beginning Oct. 1.

The bill also allows for transportation of persons civilly committed under tribal law and requires reimbursement of treatment and transportation costs by the tribe. Tribes will be notified of the discharge or transfer of an individual who is subject to the bill’s provisions.

The measure includes provisions of LB923, sponsored by Omaha Sen. Terrell McKinney, that add a tribal enrollment card as a valid form of proof of identification and age for the purchase of alcohol and for an application for a handgun transfer certificate.

LB1288 passed on a 30-8 vote.

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