Day five bill introduction

Senators reconvened Jan. 10 to continue introduction of new bills.

Among the 73 measures introduced were:

LB209, sponsored by Lincoln Sen. Eliot Bostar, which would provide tax exemptions relating to data centers;

LB219, introduced by Sen. Teresa Ibach of Sumner, which would require the state Department of Health and Human Services to rebase rates for critical access hospitals;

LB230, sponsored by Bayard Sen. Steve Erdman, which would require qualifying identification for voter registration and voting, require in-person voting, provide penalties, eliminate certain fees for state identification cards and certified copies of birth certificates and change provisions relating to operators’ licenses and state identification cards;

LB236, introduced by Sen. Justin Wayne of Omaha, which would provide for appointment and powers of problem-solving court judicial officers;

LB244, introduced by Albion Sen. Tom Briese, which would provide an additional tax credit under the Nebraska Property Tax Incentive Act;

LB248, sponsored by Sen. Tony Vargas of Omaha, which would prohibit discrimination based on lawful source of income under the Nebraska Fair Housing Act and create the Landlord Guarantee Program;

LB259, introduced by Kearney Sen. John Lowe, which would allow farm wineries to obtain additional retail licenses under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act;

LB270, introduced by Omaha Sen. Terrell McKinney, which would change provisions relating to the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act and rental registration ordinances;

LB274, sponsored by Sen. Rick Holdcroft of Bellevue, which would provide for persons with disabled veterans license plates to park in handicapped parking spaces; and

LB276, introduced by Lincoln Sen. Anna Wishart, which would adopt the Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic Act.

A complete list of bills introduced thus far is available at NebraskaLegislature.gov. New bills may be introduced for the first 10 legislative days, or until Jan. 18.

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