Election bill approved

Senators gave final approval May 5 to a bill that makes a number of changes to Nebraska election law.

LB449, introduced by Sen. John Nelson of Omaha, prevents a person who is registered to vote with a party affiliation on or before March 1 in a general election year from pursuing a petition campaign or accepting a party’s nomination.

The bill also:

  • increases the maximum precinct size from 1,000 registered voters to 1,750;
  • allows an election commissioner to be appointed to an elective office during his or her term as election commissioner, the acceptance of which will be deemed his or her resignation;
  • requires deputy voting registrars to complete a training session offered by election commissioners and county clerks once every three years;
  • adds e-mail addresses to the voter registration form;
  • sets Dec. 1 as the earliest date for submission of candidate filing forms;
  • adds Class V school district boards to the list of offices that do not require names to be listed on the primary ballot if all candidates automatically advance to the general election;
  • opens early voting records to public inspection prior to an election;
  • adds the learning community to the list of political subdivisions that must pay the cost of nominating and electing officers;
  • requires the principal circulator of a recall petition to collect the petition forms from the election commissioner or county clerk within 20 days after receipt of the targeted official’s defense statement;
  • extends the maximum time to hold a recall election from 45 days after the notification of the targeted official to 75 days;
  • permits county clerks, election commissioners or their employees to affix their signature or initials to an early voting ballot instead of writing them; and
  • eliminates a requirement that voters print their names and addresses on early voting oaths.

LB449 passed on a 47-0 vote.

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