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Session Review: Agriculture

Published May 18, 2016, in Agriculture, Session Review 2016

Members of the Agriculture Committee considered bills on pork production and grain storage regulations this session as well as a proposed amendment to the state constitution guaranteeing the right to farm and ranch.

Session Review: Banking, Commerce and Insurance

Direct primary care, unclaimed property and governance reporting standards for insurers were among the topics considered by the Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee this session.

Session Review: Executive Board

Published May 18, 2016, in Executive Board, Session Review 2016

Redistricting and expansion of legislative oversight topped the list of Executive Board issues considered by lawmakers.

Session Review: Government, Military and Veterans Affairs

Lawmakers considered bills this session that impact administrative leadership hires, election law and the state’s military installations.

Session Review: Judiciary

Published May 18, 2016, in Judiciary, Session Review 2016

Senators passed measures this session that will provide a more transparent grand jury process, prevent civil forfeiture without criminal charges and ensure wage equality for all Nebraskans.

Session Review: Appropriations

Published May 18, 2016, in Appropriations, Session Review 2016

Lawmakers made adjustments to the state’s two-year budget with three bills passed this session.

LB956, introduced by Kearney Sen. Galen Hadley at the request of the governor, adjusts appropriations for state operations, aid and construction programs.

Session Review: Business and Labor

Published May 18, 2016, in Business and Labor, Session Review 2016

Lawmakers passed several employment measures this session that protect employees’ rights to wage equity, compensation for earned vacation time and workplace privacy.

Session Review: Education

Published May 18, 2016, in Education, Session Review 2016

The Legislature’s Education Committee considered bills this session that alter the state’s school aid formula, eliminate the Omaha learning community’s common levy and require high school students to take a college admission test.

Session Review: General Affairs

Published May 18, 2016, in General Affairs, Session Review 2016

Lawmakers considered several changes to gaming and liquor laws this year as well as a library regulation proposal.

Session Review: Health and Human Services

Child welfare, licensure and credentialing requirements and a fourth attempt to expand Medicaid topped the list of health and human services issues considered by lawmakers this session.