Veteran license plate registry advanced

Lawmakers gave first-round approval March 29 to a bill that would impose new requirements on individuals seeking certain armed services license plates.

Sen. Tim Gragert
Sen. Tim Gragert

LB78, sponsored by Creighton Sen. Tim Gragert, would require an individual applying for a Gold Star Family, Ex-Prisoner of War, Disabled American Veteran or Purple Heart/Combat Wounded license plate to register first with the state Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

The state Department of Motor Vehicles would use the registry information to verify an individual’s eligibility.

Gragert said the Nebraska Veteran’s Council has received complaints that individuals have received military honor license plates to which they were not entitled.

“I believe LB78 is a good bill as it would give veterans’ groups the peace of mind knowing that only eligible persons will be authorized to receive these plates,” he said.

Brainard Sen. Bruce Bostelman spoke in support of LB78. It is unfortunate that the bill is needed, he said, but the registry would remove any doubt at the county level about an individual’s eligibility.

The bill advanced to select file on a 45-0 vote.

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