Workplace electronic privacy bill passed

Senators approved a bill April 13 that establishes workplace electronic privacy protections in Nebraska.

LB821, sponsored by O’Neill Sen. Tyson Larson, adopts the Workplace Privacy Act. The act prohibits an employer from requesting or requiring that an employee or applicant:
• disclose his or her user names or passwords to personal Internet accounts;
• log into a personal Internet account in the presence of an employer;
• add anyone to his or her personal Internet account; or
• change his or her personal Internet account settings.

An employer also is prevented from taking adverse action against, failing to hire, or otherwise penalizing an employee or applicant for failure to disclose his or her personal Internet account setting information.

An employer retains the right to promulgate rules governing Internet use and restrict an employee’s access to certain websites. An employer also may take action against an employee for downloading or transferring proprietary information.

The bill allows for a civil suit if initiated within one year of an alleged violation of the act.

LB821 passed 46-0.

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