Faster eviction procedures for dangerous tenants requested

The Judiciary Committee heard testimony Feb. 27 on a bill that would provide procedures for the termination of a rental agreement based upon clear and present danger.

Under LB455, sponsored by Omaha Sen. Scott Lautenbaugh, prostitution, sexual assault, the manufacturing or selling of drugs and illegal use of a firearm would constitute a clear and present danger. Tenants who report such activities to law enforcement or seek restraining orders would not be evicted.

The bill also would permit landlords to terminate rental agreements by a three-day written notice of the termination. The notice must include the specific activity causing the clear and present danger.

Gene Eckel, member of the Apartment Association of Greater Omaha and Lincoln, testified in support of the bill, saying it would provide landlords an expedited eviction process for dangerous tenants.

The eviction process currently requires a 14-day notice and after 30 days a lawsuit can be filed against the tenant, Eckel said. Waiting 30 days for a dangerous tenant to be evicted is not safe for other tenants, he added.

No one testified in opposition and the committee took no immediate action on the bill.

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