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Liquor, gaming and vaping package approved

Lawmakers gave final approval March 28 to a bill that contains several updates to state law governing liquor, gaming and vaping.

Sen. John Cavanaugh
Sen. John Cavanaugh

LB1204, sponsored by Omaha Sen. John Cavanaugh, defines rickhouse under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act and allows the holder of a microdistillery or spirits manufacturer license to operate a rickhouse in the state if authorized by the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission. A rickhouse is defined as an offsite bonded warehouse that is kept and maintained to store spirits in barrels for aging in order to impart flavor from the barrel into the spirits.

The bill also includes provisions of three other measures, including Bellevue Sen. Rick Holdcroft’s LB981, which raises the quarterly tax-filing threshold to $15,000 in gross proceeds for qualifying nonprofits that conduct lotteries or raffles.

The provisions of LB1000, introduced by Plymouth Sen. Tom Brandt, prohibit the Charitable Gaming Division and any lottery contractor from disclosing the identity of a person awarded a prize of $250,000 or more except upon written authorization by the prize winner.

Finally, provisions of LB1296, sponsored by Sen. Jana Hughes of Seward, prohibit the online sale and delivery of electronic nicotine delivery systems directly to consumers in Nebraska but allows online orders to be picked up at a licensed retail facility. Among other provisions, the measure also requires licensure or certification of wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers of ENDS products.

LB1204 passed on a 45-0 vote.

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