Bill permitting syringe services programs passed

Sen. Megan Hunt
Sen. Megan Hunt

A bill shielding public or behavioral health programs and pharmacies from drug paraphernalia offenses when distributing clean, hypodermic needles to community members passed Feb. 29.

LB307, introduced by Omaha Sen. Megan Hunt, allows local jurisdictions to permit public and behavioral health organizations to implement Syringe Services Programs and exempt staff and participants from drug paraphernalia prosecution when implementing or participating in a program.

Political subdivisions may establish SSPs on a voluntary basis and approval of a program can be authorized only by the governing body of a political subdivision. County ordinances cannot authorize a program for a municipality within its borders.

Under the bill, SSPs must satisfy minimum requirements, such as providing naloxone or information on where to obtain it and referral information for mental health and other social services.

Approved programs cannot operate within 500 feet of a child care program, school or youth center or a public library, community center or swimming pool.

LB307 passed 30-7.

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