Business and Labor

Business and labor package passes

A bill containing a variety of business and labor measures passed the final round of debate May 24.

LB191, as originally introduced by Hastings Sen. Steve Halloran, would have made certain workers’ compensation injury reports confidential for 60 days from the date of filing.

The bill was gutted by a Business and Labor Committee amendment on general file in order to replace it with provisions of a variety of measures heard by the committee, including LB249. Sponsored by Albion Sen. Tom Briese, the provisions add the extension of sewer or water service as an eligible activity under the Rural Workforce Housing Investment Act.

Also included are provisions of LB267, sponsored by Gordon Sen. Tom Brewer, which prioritize resources such as personal protective equipment, vaccines and medical treatment for critical infrastructure utility workers during a civil defense emergency.

LB191 passed 46-0 and takes effect immediately.

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