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Moser elected committee chair

Lawmakers chose Columbus Sen. Mike Moser in a three-way race to replace former Sen. Suzanne Geist as chairperson of the Legislature’s Transportation and Telecommunications Committee April 20.

Geist resigned from the Legislature earlier this month to focus on her Lincoln mayoral campaign.

Sen. Mike Moser
Sen. Mike Moser

Moser, who had served as vice-chairperson of the committee, said he has a “passion” for roads and extensive experience working with the state Department of Transportation during his 12 years as mayor of Columbus.

Bennington Sen. Wendy DeBoer and Plymouth Sen. Tom Brandt also sought the position. All three senators agreed that broadband service, particularly in rural and other underserved areas, is a priority for the committee.

“Broadband continues to be an issue, despite all the money we’ve spent on various grant programs,” Moser said. “We haven’t had the results that we want.”

Moser will serve as chairperson until new leadership elections are held in January 2025.

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