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Home inspector registry updates proposed

The Urban Affairs Committee heard testimony March 14 on a bill that would standardize the registration process for home inspectors in Nebraska.

Sen. Brian Hardin
Sen. Brian Hardin

Under a law passed in 2021, home inspectors must register with the secretary of state, pay a registration fee and provide proof of at least $250,000 of general liability insurance coverage before conducting a home inspection. The renewal of a home inspector’s registration is required every even-numbered year.

Gering Sen. Brian Hardin introduced LB342 at the request of the secretary of state’s office. Under the bill, home inspectors would be required to renew their registration every two years and would be given a 45-day window prior to the expiration to complete the renewal process.

The bill also increases from 30 to 45 the number of business days a home inspector has to report any changes to the secretary of state. Hardin indicated he would offer an amendment to change the window from 45 business days to 45 calendar days.

Hardin said the vague language of the current renewal program has created administrative challenges and led to confusion and frustration among home inspectors.

“The overall goal of the bill is simply to ease the administrative burdens for the home inspectors and the secretary of state,” he said. “[LB342] standardizes the length of the registration period for home inspectors and allows for a renewal process when the registration expires.”

Colleen Byelick, general counsel for the secretary of state’s office, testified in support of the proposal. She said the office has encountered several challenges while implementing the new registration program.

“The language related to registration in even-numbered years was troublesome and difficult to administer,” she said. “LB342 fixes this issue.”

No one testified in opposition to the bill and the committee took no immediate action.

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