Immunity for certain drug and alcohol offenses clears final round

A bill that provides immunity from arrest and prosecution for drug or alcohol offenses for victims and witnesses of sexual assault in certain situations passed April 12.

Sen. Adam Morfeld
Sen. Adam Morfeld

Under LB519, introduced by Lincoln Sen. Adam Morfeld, immunity from arrest and prosecution will be granted to an individual who normally would be subject to a drug or alcohol offense if he or she is the victim of or a witness to a sexual assault and reports it to law enforcement or requests emergency medical assistance.

Evidence of such an offense obtained or discovered as a result of a reported crime or requested medical service will not be used as long as the individual cooperates with law enforcement.

The bill also allows the court to waive the notice requirement for an individual seeking to legally change their name if the petitioner can show that doing so would endanger them.

LB519 passed 37-7.

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