Budget adjustment package passed

Lawmakers gave final approval March 29 to the Appropriations Committee’s mid-biennium budget adjustment package.

Sen. Mike Hilgers
Sen. Mike Hilgers

LB1013, introduced by Speaker Mike Hilgers of Lincoln at the request of Gov. Pete Ricketts, changes provisions relating to the state’s Cash Reserve Fund, also known as the rainy-day fund. The bill uses $513 million from the cash reserve for a variety of transfers outlined in other bills introduced this session.

The bill also sets aside $175 million to be released to the Nebraska Capital Construction Fund for a potential new state penitentiary but does not appropriate those funds until certain conditions are met.

Following the 34-3 adoption of a cloture motion to cease debate, offered by Gering Sen. John Stinner, lawmakers passed LB1013 on a 33-5 vote. The bill took effect immediately.

LB1011, also introduced by Hilgers at the request of the governor, is the mainline budget bill. The bill adjusts appropriations for state operations, aid and construction programs in the current and next fiscal year.

The bill passed on a vote of 36-4 following the 36-3 adoption of a Stinner cloture motion and took effect immediately.

Also approved was LB1012, introduced by Hilgers at the request of the governor, which authorizes and provides for certain fund transfers, creates funds and changes and eliminates provisions regarding a fund. The bill passed 34-6 and took effect immediately.

The governor has five calendar days, excluding Sunday, to sign, veto or line-item veto appropriations within the budget bills.

If budget bills are returned to the Legislature with line-item vetoes, the Appropriations Committee must report on the fiscal impact of the vetoes within one day and may offer a motion to override any or all of them. Thirty votes are required to override a veto.

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