Day ten bill introduction

Lawmakers introduced 98 measures on the final day of bill introduction Jan. 20.

Among the proposals were:

LB590, sponsored by North Platte Sen. Mike Groene, which would change time periods for ballots for early voting;

LB597, sponsored by Thurston Sen. Joni Albrecht, which would provide a tax credit for the parents of stillborn children;

LB619, sponsored by Bellevue Sen. Rita Sanders, which would change excavation requirements under the One-Call Notification System Act;

LB621, sponsored by Henderson Sen. Curt Friesen, which would adopt the Social Media Fairness Act;

LB623, sponsored by Omaha Sen. Tony Vargas, which would adopt the Remote Instruction Act;

LB636, sponsored by Omaha Sen. John Cavanaugh, which would eliminate cash bail bonds, appearance bonds and related provisions;

LB639, sponsored by Omaha Sen. Jen Day, which would adopt the Seizure Safe Schools Act;

LB643, sponsored by Blair Sen. Ben Hansen, which would protect an individual liberty right to accept or decline a vaccination under a mandatory directive;

LB650, sponsored by Norfolk Sen. Michael Flood, which would adopt the Nebraska Geologic Storage of Carbon Dioxide Act; and

LB663, sponsored by Lincoln Sen. Suzanne Geist, which would require the Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice to create a mental health indicator in a criminal justice information system to alert emergency dispatch operators.

A complete list of bills introduced is available at NebraskaLegislature.gov.

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