Medical synchronization bill considered

Nebraskans with multiple medication prescriptions would be able to coordinate and collect all their medication on the same day under a bill considered by the Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee Feb. 4.

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Sen. John McCollister

LB442, introduced by Sen. John McCollister of Omaha, would allow for medical synchronization if medication:
• is covered by the patient’s health benefit plan or has been approved by a formulary exception process;
• meets the prior authorization or utilization management criteria;
• treats a chronic illness;
• can be safely split into short-fill periods; and
• is not a Schedule II controlled substance.

“This will streamline pharmacy procedures, will reduce medication waste and improve poor health outcomes,” McCollister said.

April Davidson, a pharmacist and medication supervisor with Walgreens, spoke in favor of LB442.

“Many patients take three or more medications, each with a different refill date,” Davidson said. “Medication synchronization promotes medication adherence and is important for controlling chronic conditions, treating temporary conditions and has positive consequences on long-term health.”

No one spoke in opposition to the bill and the committee voted 8-0 to advance it to general file.

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