Emergency act changes passed

Lawmakers approved a bill April 17 that limits the governor’s authority during a state of emergency.

LB390, introduced by Imperial Sen. Mark Christensen, amends the Emergency Management Act by removing the governor’s authority to suspend or limit the sale, dispensing or transportation of firearms during a state of emergency.

The bill includes provisions of two other bills:
• LB694, introduced by Hastings Sen. Les Seiler, which allows firearms on school campuses for use in historical reenactments, hunter education programs or as part of an honor guard; and
• LB772, introduced by Hyannis Sen. Al Davis, which allows the adjutant general to spend up to $25,000 per event on aerial fire suppression or hazardous material response without a state of emergency proclamation issued by the governor.

The bill advanced from select file on a voice vote April 9.

Senators passed LB390 April 17 on a 45-0 vote.

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