Budget package approved

Lawmakers gave final approval March 24 to four bills comprising the Legislature’s mid-biennium budget adjustment package.

LB905, introduced by York Sen. Greg Adams on behalf of the governor, is the mainline budget bill and passed on a 40-8 vote.

Among other provisions, the bill included the following adjustments:
• $25 million to the state’s Property Tax Relief Fund;
• $14 million to address issues in the state’s correctional system;
• $10 million to the Job Training Cash Fund;
• $5 million to provide service to individuals on the developmental disability waiting list; and
• $2.5 million for the early childhood grant program.

LB906, also introduced by Adams at the request of the governor and passed on a 41-7 vote, authorizes various fund transfers.

Among other provisions, the bill creates the following funds and makes the following transfers:
• $21 million to the Water Sustainability Fund;
• $15 million to the Game and Parks Improvement and Maintenance Fund; and
• $12 million to the Vehicle Title Registration System Replacement and Maintenance Cash Fund.

LB130, introduced by Omaha Sen. Heath Mello, makes transfers from the state’s cash reserve, including $50 million to the General Fund and $14.5 million to the Nebraska Capitol Construction Fund to begin work to upgrade the State Capitol heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system.

The bill passed on a 44-4 vote.

Finally, LB949, introduced by the Business and Labor Committee, approves claims against the state and agency write-offs. The bill includes approval of a $2 million claim made by the family of Joyce Meeks, who was killed in a vehicle accident by an inmate authorized to drive a state vehicle.

LB949 passed 48-0.

The governor must sign, veto or line item veto the budget within five calendar days, excluding Sunday.

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