Allied schools proposal bracketed

Lawmakers gave unanimous consent March 13 to bracket a bill that would have required small schools to enter into allied systems.

Norfolk Sen. Jim Scheer introduced LB682, which called on school districts with fewer than 650 students to enter into an allied system with at least three other districts of the same size. The schools would operate on the same yearly calendar and daily schedule to allow for more collaboration, including conducting classes remotely.

The member districts would not be required to combine or coordinate revenue, spending, taxation or state aid.

“In education we talk a lot about best practices,” Scheer said. “We know one of those [best practices] is to get the broadest, best form of education to all students in Nebraska. [This bill] would allow [smaller rural districts] to have the educational opportunities that schools in larger districts have.”

Saying that more study is needed to address school district concerns, Scheer requested that the bill be bracketed until April 17.

Senators obliged with no objection, ending debate on LB682 for the session.

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