Public notice of superintendent, ESU contracts approved

Public notice of potential fiscal impacts of superintendent and ESU administrator contracts will be required under a bill passed by the Legislature Feb. 7.

Norfolk Sen. Jim Scheer introduced LB470, requires that contracts for current superintendents and ESU administrators—including all current and future costs to the school district or ESU—be posted on the district or ESU website at least three days before being considered for approval by the board, or within two days following approval for newly hired superintendents and ESU administrators.

After approval of a contract, the bill requires a school board to file a copy of the contract and any amendments with the state Department of Education by Aug. 1. If a school board fails to meet this requirement, all state aid granted under the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act will be withheld until the school board is compliant.

Additionally, the county treasurer will be directed to withhold all school money until the contract is filed with the department.

Senators passed the bill on a 43-0 vote.

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