Remedial Adult Education Innovation Act passed

Senators passed a bill May 29 that provides assistance to institutions that offer high school equivalency programs.

LB366, introduced by Omaha Sen. Tanya Cook, provides eligible institutions an assistance payment of $310 for:
• each participant who enrolls in its high school equivalency program;
• each enrolled participant who takes an initial examination for a diploma of high school equivalency; and
• each participant not enrolled in the high school equivalency program who takes the examination for a diploma or high school equivalency.

An institution will not receive assistance for any participant who fails the examination for a diploma or high school equivalency. Each institution receiving funds under the program will be required to report annually to the department.

The bill also authorizes a one-time allocation of $85,550 from the Education Innovation Fund to the department for fiscal year 2013-14. The money will be given to each eligible institution for the acquisition and upgrade of equipment and software necessary to administer GED examinations.

The bill passed on a 42-0 vote.

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