Partnership proposed for health care system evaluation

The Health and Human Services Committee heard testimony March 20 on a resolution that would create a partnership to examine how best to control costs and improve quality in Nebraska’s health care system.

LR22, introduced by Lincoln Sen. Kathy Campbell, would designate the Health and Human Services Committee, in cooperation with the Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee, to convene a Partnership Towards Nebraska’s Health Care System Transformation.

The partnership would bring together policymakers and stakeholders at all levels to work toward the following goals:
• providing a comprehensive review of Nebraska’s health care delivery, cost and coverage demands;
• engaging partners in dialogue, roundtable discussions and public policy discourse;
• developing a framework for health care system transformation to meet public health, workforce, delivery and budgetary responsibilities; and
• developing cooperative strategies and initiatives for the design, implementation and accountability of services to improve care, quality and value while advancing the overall health of Nebraskans.

Campbell said passage of federal health care reform has provided the state an opportunity to discuss what Nebraska’s health care priorities should be and how to achieve them.

“LR22 sets the wheels in motion to get us to think creatively and innovatively,” she said.

James Goddard of Nebraska Appleseed testified in support of the resolution, saying policymakers should work to ensure that Nebraskans who will now have access to health care are entering a functional health care system.

“This is a good first step toward changing the health care delivery system in Nebraska,” he said.

No one testified in opposition to the resolution and the committee took no immediate action.

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