Entertainment districts approved

Lawmakers gave final approval March 30 to a bill authorizing the designation of common areas where alcohol may be consumed.

LB1130, introduced by Lincoln Sen. Colby Coash, authorizes the creation of entertainment districts and a licensing process for those districts.

Under the bill, an entertainment district may be designated and regulated by a local governing body via city ordinance and may be revoked if found to be a nuisance or a threat to public health, safety or welfare. Entertainment district designations will be filed with the state Liquor Control Commission (LCC).

A local governing body may designate a commons area within the district that:
• is shared by entertainment district authorized licensees;
• abuts the licensed premises of the licensees;
• is closed to vehicular traffic when used as a common area; and
• has limited pedestrian accessibility by use of a physical barrier on a permanent or temporary basis.

To operate in the commons areas, a business will be required to:
• file an application with the LCC and pay a $300 fee;
• be located adjacent to a commons area within an entertainment district;
• have a retail liquor license, craft brewery license or microdistillery license; and
• only serve alcoholic liquor in a container that displays the business’ logo or trade name.

LB1130 passed on a 44-1 vote.

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