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Occupational licensure bill approved

Lawmakers passed a bill Feb. 29 aimed at alleviating certain occupational licensure regulations in Nebraska.

Sen. Danielle Conrad
Sen. Danielle Conrad

LB16, sponsored by Sen. Danielle Conrad of Lincoln, provides broad reciprocal licensure for military members, apprentices and individuals who are licensed in other states, provided they meet a number of criteria.

Among other provisions, the bill requires that applicants for reciprocal licensure must hold a credential that covers a similar scope of practice, not have a disqualifying criminal record and not have had their credential surrendered or revoked for negligence or misconduct.

LB16 also allows individuals with criminal convictions to provide additional information regarding mitigating factors when submitting an application for licensure, government certification or state recognition of their qualifications and adds two members to the State Electrical Board.

Finally, the bill includes provisions of Gordon Sen. Tom Brewer’s LB471, which establish a voluntary registry of interior design professionals in Nebraska.

Senators passed LB16 on a 42-1 vote.

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