Day 10 bill introduction

Senators introduced 190 measures on the final day of bill introduction Jan. 18.

Among the proposals were:

LB634, introduced by Omaha Sen. Terrell McKinney, which would adopt the Cannabis Control Act and the Cannabis Conviction Clean Slate Act;

LB637, sponsored by Sen. Joni Albrecht of Thurston, which would require members of the public to be allowed to speak at each meeting subject to the Open Meetings Act;

LB662, sponsored by Lincoln Sen. Beau Ballard, which would change provisions of the Nebraska Right to Farm Act relating to certain public or private nuisances;

LB670, introduced by Sen. Megan Hunt of Omaha, which would prohibit discrimination under the Nebraska Fair Employment Practice Act on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation and prohibit discrimination by employers regardless of size;

LB723, introduced by Brainard Sen. Bruce Bostelman on behalf of Gov. Jim Pillen, which would adopt the Public Water and Natural Resources Project Contracting Act;

LB742, sponsored by Sen. Tony Vargas of Omaha, which would change provisions relating to registration to vote and voting under the Election Act;

LB748, introduced by Omaha Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh, which would adopt the Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Assistance Act;

LB753, introduced by Sen. Lou Ann Linehan of Elkhorn on behalf of the governor, which would adopt the Opportunity Scholarships Act and provide tax credits;

LB764, sponsored by Sen. Loren Lippincott of Central City, which would change provisions relating to selection of and ballots cast by presidential electors; and

LB811, introduced by Glenvil Sen. Dave Murman, which would change provisions relating to the Student Discipline Act and provide for use of physical contact or physical restraint or removal from a class in response to student behavior, provide for behavioral awareness and intervention training and change provisions relating to lottery funds used for education.

A complete list of bills introduced is available at NebraskaLegislature.gov.

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