Gov. Pillen takes oath of office

With members of the Legislature, family and friends observing, Jim Pillen was sworn in Jan. 5 as the 41st governor of Nebraska.

Pillen was joined by his wife, Suzanne, their four children, Sarah, Brock, Polly and Izic, and seven grandchildren. Nebraska Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael Heavican administered the oath of office.

During his remarks, Pillen outlined several priorities for lawmakers and the executive branch to tackle together in the coming legislative session. Among those priorities are providing adequate funding and resources to educational institutions, retaining talent in Nebraska, maintaining personal freedoms and transforming the state’s tax system.

“Our broken tax code is burdensome and uncompetitive,” he said. “It weighs on all Nebraskans.”

To accomplish these goals, Pillen said lawmakers must come together to focus not on what is best for each individual, but what is best for the entire state.

“We can do big things by working together,” Pillen said. “Together we can and must rise to meet any challenge, overcome any obstacle and do the hard work of keeping Nebraska great for the generations to come.”

The inaugural ceremonies also included the swearing in of a number of returning and newly elected officials, including:
• Lieutenant Governor Joe Kelly;
• Attorney General Mike Hilgers;
• State Auditor Mike Foley;
• State Treasurer John Murante;
• Secretary of State Bob Evnen;
• Board of Regents members Paul Kenney and Kathy Wilmot;
• Public Service Commission members Eric Kamler and Kevin Stocker;
• State Board of Education members Sherry Jones, Deborah Neary, Kirk Penner and Elizabeth Tegtmeier; and
• Nebraska Supreme Court Judges William Cassel, John Freudenberg and Jonathan Papik.

Pillen is scheduled to deliver his State of the State address Jan. 25 in the legislative chamber. Chief Justice Heavican will give his State of the Judiciary address Feb. 21.

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