Portion of budget package approved

Lawmakers gave final approval May 8 to five components of the state’s $8.9 billion, two-year budget package.

Sen. John Stinner
Sen. John Stinner

Measures approved were:
LB328, which provides salaries for Nebraska state senators, passed 44-2;
LB329, which provides salaries for state constitutional officers, passed 45-2;
LB330, which appropriates funds for capital construction and property acquisition, passed 41-6;
LB149, which contains adjustments to the state budget for the current fiscal year, passed 37-9; and
LB171, which provides for payment of claims against the state, passed 44-1.

The governor has five calendar days, excluding Sunday, to sign, veto in total or line-item veto appropriations within the budget bills.

If budget bills are returned to the Legislature with line-item vetoes, the Appropriations Committee must report on the fiscal impact of the vetoes within one day and may offer a motion to override any or all of them. Thirty votes are required to override a veto.

The final round of debate on the remaining budget bills is tentatively scheduled for May 9.

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