Medicinal hemp oil bill withdrawn

Published February 7, 2014, in Judiciary

Senators voted to withdraw a bill from consideration Feb. 4 that would have permitted use of hemp oil in Nebraska for medical purposes. LB1102, introduced by Bellevue Sen. Sue Crawford, would have allowed the use of hemp oil extract in Nebraska for medicinal purposes. Only patients with debilitating and chronic medical conditions who suffer seizures…

New climate study parameters proposed

Published February 7, 2014, in Agriculture

The duties and parameters used by the state’s climate study group would be changed under two bills heard by the Agriculture Committee Feb. 4. LB882, introduced by Malcolm Sen. Ken Haar, would direct the Climate Assessment and Response Committee to redefine “cyclical climate change” as information and research that includes all climate influences considered relevant…

State agency oversight bills proposed

Published February 6, 2014, in Executive Board

The Executive Board heard testimony Feb. 6 on two bills that would increase legislative oversight of state agencies. LB909, introduced by Papillion Sen. Bill Kintner, would amend the Administrative Procedures Act to require state agencies that promulgate rules and regulations to submit a list of all agency regulations that are currently in effect and have…

Electoral winner-take-all bill bracketed

Published February 5, 2014, in Government Military and Veterans Affairs

Senators gave unanimous consent Feb. 5 to bracket a bill that would change presidential election procedures. Currently, the winner of Nebraska’s statewide popular vote receives two Electoral College votes. The state’s three congressional districts also award one electoral vote each based on the popular vote winner in each district. Maine is the only other state…

Credit unions could house public funds

Published February 5, 2014, in Banking Commerce and Insurance

The Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee heard testimony Feb. 4 on a bill that would allow for the deposit of public funds in credit unions. LB734, introduced by Columbus Sen. Paul Schumacher, would allow deposit of public funds in credit unions insured by the National Credit Union Administration. Some small towns in Nebraska have credit…

Federal mandates for roads amended, advanced

Published February 21, 2014, in Transportation and Telecommunications

Drivers of commercial and passenger vehicles would be banned from using phones while driving under a bill advanced from general file Feb 20. LB983, introduced by Fullerton Sen. Annette Dubas, would update Nebraska statutes to comply with federal regulations regarding commercial drivers’ licenses, permits and identification cards issued by the state Department of Motor Vehicles….

Later school aid certification date passed

Published February 21, 2014, in Education

The deadline for certifying state aid to schools under the Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act (TEEOSA) will be delayed one month under a bill passed Feb. 21. LB838, introduced by Cedar Rapids Sen. Kate Sullivan, delayed the deadline from March 1 to April 10 for certifying state aid, budget authority and applicable allowable…

Bill would reinstate aid to municipalities, counties

Published February 20, 2014, in Revenue

State aid to municipalities, counties and natural resources districts (NRDs) would be reinstated under a bill heard by the Revenue Committee Feb. 20. Under LB1053, introduced by Wilber Sen. Russ Karpisek, the first $300,000 in excess funds under the Municipal Equalization Fund (MEF) would be distributed to municipalities. Funds would be distributed only to municipalities…

Adjustment, elimination of inheritance tax considered

Published February 20, 2014, in Revenue

The state inheritance tax was the focus of two bills heard by the Revenue Committee Feb. 20. LB960, introduced by Holdrege Sen. Tom Carlson, would reduce the amount of inheritance tax levied on descendants. Under the bill, the tax for lineal descendants would be decreased from 13 to 7 percent. All other inheritance would be…

Bill would establish venture capital fund

Published February 20, 2014, in Appropriations

The Appropriations Committee heard testimony Feb. 19 on a bill that would establish the Development and Venture Enterprise Act. LB1019, introduced by Columbus Sen. Paul Schumacher, would create a statewide entrepreneurship plan and provide venture capital to qualified businesses. The bill would establish the Nebraska Venture Fund Authority, which would be housed within the state…