Committee advances pipeline bill for debate

The Natural Resources Committee voted Nov. 9 to advance to the full Legislature a bill that would give the governor final authority to approve pipeline routes in Nebraska.

LB4, introduced by Schuyler Sen. Chris Langemeier, would adopt the Oil Pipeline Route Certification Act. Under the bill, authority to issue a route certification for a proposed pipeline ultimately would rest with the governor.

LB4 would establish a panel of experts and landowners to advise the governor. The bill also would require the state Department of Natural Resources to receive applications and hold a public meeting regarding a proposed pipeline route.

In addition, LB4 would require a route certificate to be obtained before eminent domain rights could be exercised by a pipeline carrier.

The committee voted 7-1 to advance the bill. First-round debate on LB4 is scheduled to begin Nov. 14 at 1:30 p.m.

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