Sales tax dollars for roads projects approved

The state will direct 0.25 cents of its 5.5-cent sales tax to roads projects two years from now under a bill approved by the Legislature May 11.

LB84, introduced by Valentine Sen. Deb Fischer, directs sales tax dollars to roads projects from fiscal year 2013-14 through FY2032-33.

Eighty-five percent of these funds will be deposited in a new State Highway Capital Improvement Fund. The remaining 15 percent of the new revenue will go to the Highway Allocation Fund.

At least 25 percent of the revenue directed to the State Highway Capital Improvement Fund must be used for the Nebraska Expressway system and federally designated high-priority corridors. The remainder of the fund will be dedicated to roads projects prioritized by the state Department of Roads.

LB84 passed 33-10 on final reading.

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