Governor vetoes blood lead level testing bill for children

A lead testing bill passed by the Legislature April 20 that would require the testing of children attending public and parochial schools was vetoed by the governor April 26.

LB204, introduced by Omaha Sen. Brenda Council, would require blood lead level testing of children prior to kindergarten enrollment. School districts would be required to inform families prior to the date of school registration of the testing requirement.

Under the bill, blood-lead testing would not be required if a student submits:
• a physician’s statement that assesses a child to be considered at low-risk for elevated blood lead levels based on information provided by their parent or guardian;
• a physician’s statement that blood lead testing would be injurious to their health; or
• an affidavit stating the blood lead testing conflicts with their religious beliefs.

Students who have not met the testing requirements could be enrolled provisionally if they have a test scheduled.

Council filed a motion to override the governor’s veto, but it has not yet been scheduled for debate.

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