Education cuts advance, fee increase eliminated

Lawmakers gave second-round approval Feb. 28 to a bill containing recommendations prepared by the Education Committee in anticipation of budget reductions.

LB333, introduced by York Sen. Greg Adams, would remove the statutory requirement for schools to have a student achievement coordinator, estimated to save $103,000 over the next two fiscal years.

Additionally, the bill would transfer funds to the lottery fund to support the following programs:
• Early Childhood Education Grants;
• high ability learner grants;
• an integrated information system; and
• the Center for Student Leadership and Extended Learning.

An Adams amendment, adopted 37-0, eliminated the $15 fee increase for teaching certificates originally purposed in the bill to cover costs for investigating and prosecuting certification violations.

Because significant budget cuts are being made to education, Adams said, it is not the time to increase teacher fees.

After the amendment was adopted, the bill advanced from select file on a voice vote.

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