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Czech heritage license plates clear first round

A bill that would create a new specialty license plate celebrating Czech heritage advanced from general file Feb. 22.

Sen. Tom Brandt
Sen. Tom Brandt

LB140, introduced by Plymouth Sen. Tom Brandt, would authorize the state Department of Motor Vehicles — in consultation with the Czech Honorary Consul of Nebraska — to design and issue Czech heritage motor vehicle license plates.

The fee for alphanumeric plates would be $5 and a personalized license plate would cost $40. All funds would be credited to the Department of Motor Vehicles Cash Fund.

Many Nebraskans claim Czech ancestry, Brandt said, and a license plate would be an important acknowledgement of the significance of Czech culture in the state.

“Czech heritage is an integral part of Nebraska history,” he said.

Omaha Sen. Megan Hunt offered an amendment during debate Feb. 21 that would have removed ‘Choose Life’ specialty license plates from state law. She said a pending bill in the Legislature this session that would ban abortion in all but the earliest weeks of pregnancy effectively would remove any meaningful reproductive choice in Nebraska.

The amendment failed on a 4-26 vote just before the Legislature adjourned for the day. A motion from Hunt to reconsider that vote also failed when debate resumed Feb. 22. Lawmakers then voted 44-0 to advance LB140 to select file.

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