Omnibus judicial measure approved

Lawmakers gave final approval April 13 to an omnibus judicial bill.

Sen. Steve Lathrop
Sen. Steve Lathrop

LB922, introduced by Omaha Sen. Steve Lathrop, increases the number of judges in Douglas County’s fourth district from 17 to 18.

The bill contains provisions of six additional measures:
• LB830, introduced by Bennington Sen. Wendy DeBoer, which ties the maximum level of medical cash support for children to child support guidelines set by the state supreme court;
• LB870, introduced by Lincoln Sen. Matt Hansen, which amends the State Self-Insured Indemnification Fund and the State Self-Insured Liability Fund to allow payment of attorneys’ fees by allowing fees associated with agency legal counsel or hired outside legal counsel to be paid from revolving funds;
• LB903, introduced by Sen. Eliot Bostar of Lincoln, which creates a new type of second-degree trespass that criminalizes flying a drone over the property of another individual with the intent to observe the person without their consent in a place of solitude or seclusion;
• LB990, sponsored by Blair Sen. Ben Hansen, which creates the offense of criminal impersonation by stolen valor for an individual who pretends to be an active member or veteran of the U.S. military with the intent to deceive or harm another or who fraudulently represents themselves as the recipient of a military honor or award;
• LB1059, introduced by Norfolk Sen. Michael Flood, which adds the Judicial Resources Commission to the list of entities excluded from the definition of public bodies under the Open Meetings Act and removes the commission from the list of public bodies that may, with certain limitations, conduct virtual meetings; and
• LB1171, sponsored by Sen. Rita Sanders of Bellevue, which establishes the clerk of the district court as the jury commissioner in all counties.

Lawmakers passed LB922 on a 43-1 vote.

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