Electrical system grant program approved

Lawmakers passed a bill April 12 aimed at helping a Nebraska community address its electrical system challenges.

Sen. Julie Slama
Sen. Julie Slama

LB977, introduced by Sterling Sen. Julie Slama, transfers $15 million from the Cash Reserve Fund to the Site and Building Development Fund and expands eligibility to include grants to second class cities — those with a population between 801 and 5,000 residents — that partner with public power utilities to expand electrical system capacities and enhance redundancy and resilience.

Slama has said that the bill was brought to assist southeast Nebraska’s second-largest town, Falls City, in addressing its substandard electrical capacity.

Eligible grantees are required to secure a minimum commitment of half of a project’s total cost before state dollars will be released.

LB977 passed on a 42-0 vote and took effect immediately.

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