Financial assistance approved for assault patients

Individuals who have experienced domestic or sexual violence can avoid a lengthy and expensive reimbursement process under a bill passed by the Legislature April 29.

Sen. Wendy DeBoer
Sen. Wendy DeBoer

Under LB497, sponsored by Bennington Sen. Wendy DeBoer, a health care provider can apply to the Nebraska Crime Victim’s Reparations Program for reimbursement of costs associated with treating or examining an individual’s injuries directly related to sexual assault or domestic abuse.

The reimbursement covers the portion of costs that are not covered by insurance or other sources and typically paid by the patient. Currently, a person receiving such services is billed and required to pay for the services before then applying for reimbursement.

The bill requires that a health care provider obtain a patient’s consent before applying for reimbursement. It also adds child abuse as an offense eligible for reimbursement.

Senators voted 47-0 to approve LB497.

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