Day four bill introduction

Senators reconvened Jan. 11 to continue introduction of new bills.

Among the 51 measures introduced were:

LB213, sponsored by Albion Sen. Tom Briese, which would provide for an efficiency review of state agencies;

LB217, sponsored by Omaha Sen. Justin Wayne, which would provide a penalty for filing a false report by a peace officer;

LB230, sponsored by Omaha Sen. Megan Hunt, which would prohibit discrimination in public accommodations and under the Nebraska Fair Housing Act on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity;

LB241, sponsored by Omaha Sen. Tony Vargas, which would adopt the Meatpacking Employees COVID-19 Protection Act;

LB242, sponsored by Plymouth Sen. Tom Brandt, which would provide for county bridges under the Political Subdivisions Construction Alternatives Act;

LB243, sponsored by Lincoln Sen. Eliot Bostar, which would adopt the Access College Early Tech Promise Program Act;

LB244, sponsored by Elmwood Sen. Robert Clements, which would change permit renewal provisions of the Concealed Handgun Permit Act;

LB254, sponsored by Gothenburg Sen. Matt Williams, which would extend the date for applications under the Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Act;

LB255, sponsored by Lincoln Sen. Matt Hansen, which would adopt the In the Line of Duty Compensation Act; and

LB261, sponsored by Elkhorn Sen. Lou Ann Linehan, which would change provisions regarding grave markers for certain veterans.

A complete list of bills introduced thus far is available at New bills may be introduced for the first 10 legislative days, or until Jan. 20.

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