Indoor e-cigarette ban passed

Lawmakers passed a bill July 31 banning electronic smoking devices inside public buildings in Nebraska.

Sen. Dan Quick
Sen. Dan Quick

LB840, introduced by Grand Island Sen. Dan Quick, amends the Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act to prohibit use of electronic nicotine delivery systems as defined in state law inside public buildings.

The bill exempts licensed electronic smoking device retail outlets from the Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act as it relates to the use of electronic smoking devices. Such an outlet is defined as one that does not sell alcohol or gasoline, derives no more than 20 percent of its revenue from the sale of food and food ingredients and prohibits individuals younger than 21 from entering the premises.

Until Jan. 1, 2022, electronic smoking device retail outlet employees may be younger than 21. After that date, no employee younger than 21 may work in an outlet store.

LB840 passed on a 33-2 vote.

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