Transportation omnibus bill passed

A bill that makes numerous changes to existing motor vehicle titling and registration laws was passed by the Legislature April 6.

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Sen. Bruce Bostelman

LB909, introduced by Brainard Sen. Bruce Bostelman, requires that certificates of title for assembled and kit vehicles include the year, make and model that the vehicle resembles. The title also must indicate that the vehicle is reconstructed.

A vehicle owner can apply for a title by presenting a certificate of title for one major component part, a notarized bill of sale for all other major component parts that have been replaced, a statement that an inspection has been conducted on the vehicle and a vehicle identification number.

The certificate will include the year application for the title was made and the make of the vehicle as assembled. The base registration fee for assembled, reconstructed and replica vehicles is $5, the same as automobiles with a new value of less than $20,000.

The bill includes provisions of 10 additional bills, including:
• LB900, introduced by Bostelman, which updates references to federal transportation laws and increase fines for certain motor carrier statute violations;
• LB860, introduced by Henderson Sen. Curt Friesen, which provides compensation for motor vehicle dealers affected by recalls and stop-sale orders;
• LB980, introduced by Syracuse Sen. Dan Watermeier, which allows for the transportation of divisible loads of hay bales on the interstate;
• LB1011, introduced by Omaha Sen. Burke Harr, which requires a driver approaching a tow truck, maintenance vehicle or garbage or recycling service vehicle to proceed with caution and move over if possible;
• LB1092, introduced by Papillion Sen. Jim Smith, which creates separate procedures for operators of autocycles that are not completely enclosed;
• LB740, introduced by Omaha Sen. Brett Lindstrom, which allows the Metropolitan Utilities District to register vehicles in the same manner as public power districts beginning Jan. 1, 2023;
• LB895, introduced by Lincoln Sen. Suzanne Geist, which makes a series of technical updates to current DMV statutes;
• LB896, also introduced by Geist, which clarifies that the operative date for certain sections relating to electronic certificates of title would be no later than Jan. 1, 2021;
• LB1049, introduced by Harr, which amends the definition of low-speed vehicles to include certain three-wheeled motor vehicles; and
• LB1136, introduced by Elmwood Sen. Robert Clements, which provides a mechanism for online auto auctions to obtain titles for vehicles purchased as salvage vehicles.

The bill passed on a 46-0 vote.

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