Day four bill introduction

Sen. Bruce Bostelman introduces new legislation Jan. 8.

Senators reconvened Jan. 8 to introduce new bills.

Among the 41 bills introduced were:

LB882, sponsored by Columbus Sen. Paul Schumacher, which would change provisions relating to certain inheritance tax proceedings;

LB883, sponsored by Omaha Sen. Burke Harr, which would provide for the appointment of independent counsel to prosecute crimes by state officials or employees and change powers and duties of the state attorney general;

LB886, sponsored by Lincoln Sen. Adam Morfeld, which would protect student journalists’ and student media advisers’ rights and freedom of speech and of the press;

LB887, sponsored by Gretna Sen. John Murante, which would clarify requirements for exceeding budget limitations under the Nebraska Budget Act;

LB888, sponsored by Omaha Sen. Justin Wayne, which would require schools to post the child abuse and neglect toll-free telephone number;

LB891, sponsored by Lincoln Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks, which would prohibit discrimination in the provision of services as prescribed under the Psychology Practice Act;

LB892, sponsored by Omaha Sen. Sara Howard, which would prohibit restraining animals in the event of certain natural or manmade disasters or severe weather events as prescribed;

LB896, sponsored by Lincoln Sen. Suzanne Geist, which would change provisions relating to electronic certificates of title, salvage vehicles and the electronic dealer services system and Vehicle Title and Registration System maintained by the state Department of Motor Vehicles;

LB902, sponsored by Brainard Sen. Bruce Bostelman, which would authorize the withholding from the public of information regarding firearm registration, possession, sale or use; and

LR270CA, sponsored by Omaha Sen. Rick Kolowski, which would amend the state constitution to reduce the minimum age in the constitutional requirement to provide free instruction.

A complete list introduced bills is available at New bills may be introduced for the first 10 legislative days, or until Jan. 18.

Gov. Pete Ricketts’ State of the State address is scheduled for Jan. 10. Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael Heavican will give the State of the Judiciary address Jan. 18.

The session will last 60 legislative days and tentatively is scheduled to adjourn April 18.

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