Surgical first assistant licensure approved

Senators passed a bill April 13 that establishes a licensure process for surgical first assistants (SFA) in Nebraska.

Under LB721, introduced by Lincoln Sen. Roy Baker, the state Department of Health and Human Services will provide licensure for SFAs.

The bill requires that an applicant:
• be certified as an SFA by an approved certifying body;
• successfully complete an SFA education or other experiential or training program approved by the state Board of Medicine and Surgery;
• pass a nationally recognized SFA examination adopted by the board; and
• have a high school diploma or equivalent as determined by the board.

An individual who submits evidence satisfactory to the board that he or she has been functioning primarily as an SFA in a licensed health care facility within the last five years prior to Sept. 1, 2016, will be exempt from the licensure requirements.

Also exempt are individuals who hold a current SFA certification issued by an approved certifying body or issued by another state that has standards substantially equivalent to Nebraska’s.

LB721 passed 48-0.

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