Planned unit development changes advanced

Procedures for approval of planned unit developments in some second-class cities and villages would change under a bill advanced to select file March 18.

Under current law, a county that has adopted a comprehensive development plan and is enforcing subdivision regulations must approve a planned unit development in a second-class city or village’s extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction.

LB875, introduced by Gretna Sen. John Murante, would remove the requirement that the county must approve the plan in a county with a population between 100,000 and 200,000. Sarpy is the only county that would be impacted by the bill, Murante said, and first-class cities in the county currently are not required to obtain county approval.

“LB875 places cities of the second class and villages on virtually the same footing as first-class cities,” Murante said.

A second-class city or village still would be required to submit a planned unit development to the county for review.

Under an Urban Affairs Committee amendment, adopted 34-0, submission for approval would be made to the county planning and public works departments rather than the county planning commission.

The bill advanced to select file 31-0.

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