Homestead exemption for remarried spouses of veterans advances

Lawmakers advanced a bill Feb. 22 that would allow a veteran’s surviving spouse to retain his or her homestead exemption after remarrying.

Under current state law, surviving spouses of veterans who died on active duty or were honorably discharged and drew disability compensation are eligible to retain the veterans’ homestead exemption only if they do not remarry. LB683, introduced by Omaha Sen. Joni Craighead, would allow a surviving spouse to retain the exemption if he or she remarries after age 57.

Craighead made the bill her priority bill this session. She said it would align Nebraska statute with federal law, which currently preserves homestead benefits for veterans’ surviving spouses who remarry.

“Our servicemen and women write a blank check when they agree to protect our nation,” Craighead said, “and we should not as a state strip their family members of benefits set out for them by federal law.”

Senators voted 39-0 to advance the bill to select file.

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