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Legislative publications available

The Unicameral Update also is published as a free weekly print publication. Readers may subscribe by contacting the Unicameral Information Office at (402) 471-2788 or Additional free educational publications are provided by the office.

Inside Our Nation’s Only Unicameral is a color booklet that provides information about the history of the Unicameral and its lawmaking process, including photos and information about current state senators.

The Membership and Committees Card is a reference card listing contact information for senators and the membership of the Legislature’s committees.

Unicam Kids is an illustrated book for fourth graders in which George Norris, the “father of the Unicameral,” provides a guided tour through the Nebraska State Capitol. Along the way, kids learn about their unique unicameral Legislature, the state senators who represent them and the process of how a bill becomes a law.

The Lines of Government is a booklet of maps depicting boundaries for Nebraska’s legislative, supreme court and congressional districts, as well as districts for the Public Service Commission, state Board of Education and state Board of Regents.

Copies of the Nebraska Blue Book, the state’s official reference manual, can be purchased through the Clerk of the Legislature’s Office and may be ordered by calling (402) 471-2271. The cost is $15 plus tax and postage.

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