Vehicle flood damage bill approved

Lawmakers gave final approval Feb. 7 to a bill intended to protect consumers from unknowingly purchasing flood-damaged vehicles.

Introduced by Lincoln Sen. Bill Avery, LB446 adds flood-damaged vehicles to the definition of salvage in the Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title Act.

The bill defines a flood-damaged vehicle as one that has been submerged in water to the point that rising water has reached over the floorboard, entered the passenger compartment and caused damage to any electrical, computerized or mechanical components.

The designation of flood damaged does not apply to a water-damaged vehicle in which no electrical, computerized or mechanical components were damaged by water or to a vehicle in which damaged components were repaired or replaced as indicated by an insurance claim representative or vehicle repairer.

Under the bill, any vehicle designated as flood damaged will receive a salvage title.

Lawmakers approved the bill on a 44-0 vote.

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