Deceased tenants’ property discussed

Landlords would have another option when administering property of deceased tenants under legislation heard by the Judiciary Committee Jan. 24.

LB796, introduced by Omaha Sen. Burke Harr, would allow landlords to request that tenants identify a person who could retrieve and store the tenants’ property upon their death. Landlords would be required to contact that person within 10 days of the tenant’s death.

The authorized person would have 20 days to remove the property, after which the landlord would be able to dispose of any remaining property as stated in the Disposition of Person Property Landlord and Tenant Act.

Currently, Nebraska law directs the landlord to secure the residence of a deceased tenant until a court authorizes someone to claim the property.

Kristy Lamb of NP Dodge Management Company in Omaha testified in favor of the bill. She said the current system creates a substantial “emotional and financial hardship” on the relatives of deceased tenants.

Because of the time it takes the court to appoint representatives to claim the property, Lamb said, “we become the bad guys while we’re holding their belongings.”

No one testified in opposition to LB796.

The committee took no immediate action on the bill.

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