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Youth legislature registration now open

Registration for the 2014 Unicameral Youth Legislature is now open. Scheduled for June 8-11, the Unicameral Youth Legislature offers high school students the opportunity to learn what it’s like to serve as a state senator. Student senators will discover the unique process of our nation’s only unicameral by sponsoring bills, conducting committee hearings and debating legislation.

Participants will learn the details of the Nebraska Legislature directly from senators, staff and lobbyists using bill topics based on actual legislation considered during the most recent unicameral session. Students will conduct their legislative duties in the historic Warner Chamber, the former home of the Nebraska Senate.

If you know a student who has an interest in law, government, leadership or public speaking, encourage them to visit the to learn more about this unique four-day event.

Early-bird registration is available until April 1. Registration and scholarship application forms can be obtained from the UNL Big Red Summer Academic Camps website. The registration deadline is May 15.

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